Here in Mobile AL, we are commonly affected by hurricanes that form in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  In order to protect your home, you need an insurance policy from a company you can trust.



Mobile AL homeowners Insurance

Heritage Insurance – Mobile AL Homeowners

Heritage Insurance provides homeowners insurance for Mobile AL homeowners insurance.  We specialize in wind insurance and flood insurance.  Like AIUA, we are able to provide wind-only insurance policies and can insure primary, secondary, vacant houses, and rental homes.  If you have State Farm or Alfa, then you have two separate policies; one for wind insurance, and one for everything else.  With Heritage Insurance, you only need 1 policy that covers wind and all other perils!

One way that we are different is that you can choose what kind of coverage and the amount of coverage that you want for your house insurance policy.  Other insurance companies rely on percentages to determine the value of their coverages.  After we find the value of your dwelling, the rest is customizable!  If you don’t have other structures, that’s no problem.  We won’t make you insure for them!  As a result, your total insured value goes down, and so does your overall price!

Call us at 251-945-6666 for a house insurance quote, or fill out the online quote form!

Author: Kent Owen

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