insurance in gulf shoresGulf Shores is probably the biggest tourist attraction in Baldwin County.  It is known for its beaches, restaurants, historical sites such as Fort Morgan, and recreational activities; Waterville USA, The Track, putt-putt golf, etc.  In the year 2000, Gulf Shores had a population of 5,044, but it has been noted that this area has seen a vast increase in residents in the past few years.


Insurance In Gulf Shores

The center of Gulf Shores is 0 miles from the gulf and 3.94 miles from the bay, and 2.4 miles away from the nearest fire station.

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Wikipedia writes, “The location of Gulf Shores on the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico makes it vulnerable to hurricanes. In September 1979, Hurricane Frederic leveled most of the town. In September 2004, Hurricane Ivan caused extensive wind and flooding damage. In 2005, while still cleaning up from Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Katrina caused extensive damage and flooding.”  After Hurricane Ivan and Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2004 and 2005, several insurance companies dropped out while some other bigger companies decided not to provide wind insurance around the Gulf.  Ivan and Katrina changed how insurance companies did business on the gulf coast.  Whether you live in a home or condo, we at Heritage Insurance of Alabama are confident that we can provide a full policy with competitive prices.  If you already have a policy with another insurance company that doesn’t protect against wind damage, Heritage Insurance can provide a “wind only policy” for you.


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If you’re looking to insure your home or condo in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, give us a call at 251-945-6666 or contact us through our contact page.  We are looking forward to offering you some great insurance in your area!


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