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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions that are asked by our customers.  This list is periodically updated.  If you cannot find your question listed below, feel welcome to go to the contacts page, give us an e-mail, or call us at 251-945-6666.  We hope we can be of service to you!


Q:  How can I get the cheapest possible premium?

A:  Here are some of the factors that affect your premium:

  • The age of your home: newer homes are built to the newer building codes.
  • The size of your home: smaller homes require less insurance therefore there are smaller premiums.
  • Exterior of your home: Frame, Brick Veneer, Block & Brick – progressively more protection
  • Distance from water: greater distance, less risk
  • Location of home: closer to fire station/hydrant = easier to extinguish fire
  • Roof type: hipped roofs are more wind tolerable, architectural/dimensional shingles are strong and Metal roofs generally  have less damage in high wind areas
  • Safety features: fire extinguishers, deadbolt locks, alarm systems


Q:  Why does my mortgage company require me to get homeowner’s insurance?

A:  While a lender lends you money for your home, your house belongs to the lender (in part).  After all, if you can’t pay off your mortgage, the lender repossesses your house.  Therefore, by requiring you to get house insurance, they are protecting what is partially theirs, and what might be completely theirs if the mortgage can’t be paid off.


Q:  What is considered flood?

A:  The definition of flood is, “rising water from the ground up”.  Flood is not rain damage or hurricane damage coming in the windows or roof, or even busted  water pipes.  If waters rise from the city sewer system, that would be flood.  If water rises from your bath tub, shower, or toilet and covers the floors, that IS NOT considered flood.


Q:  Do I need flood insurance?

A:  It depends on your location.  All of Baldwin County is considered a flood zone, but…  Low lying areas with homes built on slabs are obviously high risk.  High elevated areas with homes that are on piers, crawl space, or something that boosts the house up are lower risk.  Flood protection is not included in homeowner policies, but if you would like a flood policy, it is offered by FEMA through our agents at the following webpage:


Q:  Do your policies insure against wind/hail/hurricane?

A:  Yes, all of our policies provide wind insurance.  If you need a special “wind only policy”, we can provide that too!  Therefore, if you are already insured with another insurance company that gives a full policy minus the wind and hail, you can keep your policy with them while purchasing our wind and hail coverage.


Q:  What is a wind and hail deductible?

A:  A wind and hail deductible is what the insured must pay to cover a wind/hail loss.  The deductible is typically higher in the Baldwin & Mobile County area.  For example, say your wind and hail deductible is 5% and your dwelling is insured for $100,000.  If a tornado comes and part of your house blows away doing $20,000 damage to your insured house, you would pay 5% of $100,000 dwelling value, which is $5,000, and the insurance company would pay for the rest; $15,000.


Q:  What is an “All Other Perils” deductible?

A:  “All Other Perils” covers everything that is not wind and hail.  The deductible is the amount that must be paid when there is a claim so that coverage can take place.  For example, Bob has a $2,500 AOP deductible.  If his house received $10,000 in damages due to his water pipe bursting this would go under the “All Other Peril” claim. Bob would be responsible for $2,500 and the insurance company would pay the remaining $7,500 of that $10,000 claim.


Q:  How long is my quote good for?

A:  Your insurance quote is good for 30 days from the date issued which is listed on the quote.  Remember that a quote is only a price.  It’s an offer.  The quote itself doesn’t guarantee coverage.  To have insurance coverage you must 1] sign our application and 2], provide payment. You will receive a receipt and your policy will be sent to you within 10 days after the Home Office  receives your payment.


Q:  Do I need to sign an application?

A:  After you receive a quote from us that you would like to accept, you can either fill out an on-line application or call our home office at 251-945-6666 from 9-5, Monday through Friday and tell them that you would like to accept your quote.  We will find your file, and complete the application over the telephone. We will ask more information from you such as date of birth, social security, previous insurance policy number and claims history, etc.  After that, we will send you the completed application for your review and signatures. We will collect your payment from you by check or credit card, or we can bill your mortgage company.


Q:  How can I pay my premium?

A:  You can pay the insurance premium with a check, credit card, or the escrow from your (Mortgage Company).