fair hope alabama insuranceThe charming coastal city of Fairhope is located on Highway 98 next to the Mobile Bay.  The town hosts various events such as “The Grand Festival of Art”, “Arts and Crafts”, & “The Song Writers Festival”.  Home to many parks and a beautiful downtown area, Fairhope has been an ideal place to live or do business.  To the west of the town lies the Mobile Bay.  For over 50 years, fishermen and residents of Fairhope have experienced the jubilees where various sea life wash upon the shore.  In 2011 the population was 15,703.


Insurance Info About Fairhope

Fairhope is 0.5 miles from the bay and 20 miles from the gulf.  The fire station in the city limits is given a protection class 4, while the fire stations outside of the city limits are given a protection class 9.

homeowners insurance in Fairhope

Being right on the coast means high risk for flood and wind, especially during hurricane season.  Living in Fairhope can be expensive, but we can offer you a great policy with great prices!  If you’re checking around for prices on homeowners insurance in Fairhope, give us a call at 251-945-6666 or send us a quick message on the contact page!


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