Home Insurance DaphneWith a population of 21,570 in the year 2010, the city of Daphne is the largest city in Baldwin County.  Located on what is called “The Eastern Shore”, Daphne is ½ a mile from the Mobile Bay and 25.5 miles from the Gulf Coast.  Though it is a nice coastal city, much of it is a high risk area, being within 2 miles of the bay.  Wind insurance prices are steep around Daphne, so why pay more?  Get Heritage Insurance for wind coverage at a price that will beat the other companies!


Daphne’s Protection Class

It is under protection class 4 and protection class 9.  What determines a home’s protection class in Daphne is the distance from the nearest fire station and fire hydrant.  In other words, if your home is located within 5 miles of a fire station and 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant, it would be considered a protection class 4.  Any home with a distance greater than 5 miles to a fire station and 1,000 feet to a fire hydrant would be considered a protection class 9.

House Insurance in Daphne


Why is protection class important?

A protection class 4 means a quicker response time from the fire department, while a protection class 9 means a slower response time from the fire department.  Quicker response times will mean lower risk, resulting in cheaper premiums for your home insurance.



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